Custom Cranes & Davits

Product Information:

Design your own! At Oceanlift, we specialise in the design and fabrication of customised cranes & davits tailored to a diverse range of commercial and recreational applications. Our modular systems offer exceptional adaptability, catering to a wide array of configurations for both land and water-based operations.

Our skilled in-house design team will advise you on the best design to meet all your requirements. We use marine grade stainless steel or hi-tensile marine grade aluminium to manufacture. 

Over the years, we’ve engineered and manufactured cranes for an extensive variety of environments, including:

  • Cranes & davits for use on docks, jetties, wharves, decks, houses, and boats
  • Cranes & davits designed for commercial, naval, police, harbor boards, and pilot boats
  • Utility vehicles
  • Specialized solutions for mobility-impaired individuals
  • Custom cranes & davits for mussel barges, crayfish vessels, and various other working boats

Our adaptation options encompass:

  • Fixed or rotating standpipe solutions suitable for boats, wharf poles, or concrete pads
  • Durable flange bases available in stainless steel or aluminum for docks or jetties
  • The choice of fixed or folding booms
  • Folding pedestals for enhanced space efficiency
  • Impressive lifting capabilities of up to 500 kilograms SWL (Safe Working Load)
  • Versatile electric or manual winches
  • Booms with a reach of up to 3.5 meters for select models
  • Telescoping boom options
  • Folding pedestals for added versatility

With our commitment to innovation and customisation, we’re your trusted partner for crafting tailored crane solutions that precisely meet your unique requirements. Whether it’s for a maritime or land-based application, our cranes and davits are engineered to deliver superior performance and reliability at an affordable price. 

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