Variable Boom Luffing Marine Crane

Elevate Your Lifting Capabilities with Variable Boom Luff Cranes

Product Information:

A variable boom luffing angle marine crane is a sophisticated and adaptable lifting apparatus designed for a wide range of lifting and hoisting applications. These cranes offer the advantage of adjusting the angle of the boom luff, allowing for precise control and increased versatility in lifting operations.

We’re a highly experienced engineering firm with over 31 years in the metal fabrication industry, based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

For inquiries, pricing, and customisation options, please contact our knowledgeable Oceanlift team.


Key Features:

Safe Working Load (SWL) 250/500kg

Variable boom luff angle - electric/hydraulic operation

Electric/hydraulic boom raise & lower

Electric/hydraulic boom length telescoping

Deck flange height - flat or raised

Optional electric/hydraulic telescoping boom length

Hand operated slew up to 350°

Boom lengths between 2.5M and 3.5M

Low level when stowed, 680mm above the deck

High tensile marine aluminum construction with stainless steel standpipe, one piece and waterproof

Minimal maintenance, self-lubricating permanent bearings

12V DC or 24V DC cable winch, concealed

Finished in durable baked on, DURATEC® gloss finish over an etch bonded primer in white as standard - different colours options are available