Telescoping Boom Marine Crane

Discover the telescoping boom bulwark rail mounted crane in 200kg & 400kg options

Product Information:

The Telescoping Boom Marine Crane is the perfect solution for boat owners who are looking for a compact, yet powerful crane option. This model is designed to deploy a tender from a stern platform into the water. The crane is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand harsh marine environments. With its robust construction and advanced features.

All cranes & davits are designed and manufactured by Oceanlift (a division of Longveld), a highly experienced engineering firm with over 31 years in the industry.

Dimensions bespoke, made to order—boom reach between 1.5m—3.0m

Stowed height above rail - 200mm - boom stays horizontal

12 or 24 volt winch below deck with cordless remote, very quiet & dry

Mounting footprint 270mm diameter 200mm & 350mm diameter 400mm

Hydraulic telescoping boom

Optional hydraulic slew (manual slew standard)