Bait-o-Board – Your Personal Bait Board

Your ultimate fishing companion, made to last!

Product Information:

Are you tired of struggling with the common frustrations that come with baiting up with a basic bait board? Look no further!

Bait-o-Board has been meticulously designed by boaties, for boaties, all essentials onboard. We’re confident that once you try Bait-o-Board, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The Bait-o-Board is designed and manufactured by Oceanlift (a division of Longveld), a highly experienced engineering firm with over 31 years in the industry.

For inquiries, pricing, and customisation options, please contact our knowledgeable Oceanlift team.

Making your bait up easy with your personal bait board:

Lightweight Aluminium Construction: Bait-o-Board is crafted from lightweight aluminium, reducing the overall weight on your boat and making it easy to move around.

Sinker Holder: Say goodbye to swinging sinkers! Bait-o-Board securely holds your sinker in place while you prepare your bait. Hook removal plier’s holder

Rod Holder: Your precious fishing rod deserves a safe spot. Bait-o-Board comes with a dedicated rod holder to keep your gear secure.

Purpose-Cut Bait Knife Holder: Easily access and store your bait knife for quick and efficient bait preparation.

Durable Plastic Cutting Board: Designed to tackle the demands of bait preparation, our plastic cutting board is tough and resilient, and easy to wash down and fully removable for ease washing.

Hook Removal Plier's Holder: Keep your hook removal pliers within arm's reach for swift hook removal.

Bottle Opener: Enjoy a refreshing beverage while you fish with our built-in bottle opener.

Sturdy Cup Holder: Never spill your drink again! Bait-o-Board features a sturdy cup holder to keep your drink secure.

32cm Fish Hold Section: Ensure you can easily measure your prized catch, particularly that snapper.

Bleed Out Section for Kahawai: A dedicated section for bleeding out Kahawai to enhance the quality of your catch.

Stainless Steel Swivel: Achieve the perfect setup with the included stainless-steel swivel, ensuring your Bait-o-Board stays in the right spot.

Powder Coated for Protection: Bait-o-Board is powder-coated to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring long-lasting durability.

To secure your own personal bait board send a message to to get yours today