Seawall Marine Davit (LD Series)

Discover the LD Series Davit – Our Most Popular Choice!

Product Information:

The Seawall Marine Davit (LD Series) is a versatile, standpipe-mounted crane that’s perfect for a wide range of land applications, dockside, wharf, jetty. With its adaptable design, we can customise an LD crane to fit various mounting locations and styles on boats, docks, and jetties.

We’re a highly experienced engineering firm with over 31 years in the metal fabrication industry, based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

For inquiries, pricing, and customisation options, please contact our knowledgeable Oceanlift team.

Key Features:

Compact, lightweight, sleek design - made to last!

Safe Working Load (SWL) 200/400/500kg

Boom reach 1.5-3m

Stowed height 0.5-1.2m

Electric winch 12V DC, with built in battery charger. Winch can be positioned to left or right.

Pendant remote, wireless remote (optional)

Manual or powered slew

High performance Dynex ropes

Finished in durable gloss white Duratec® as standard - different colours options are available

Drawing Seawall LD Series (1)