About us

The Oceanlift® brand and trademark was founded in 1997 by its original founders with a passion for the ocean and design.


The Oceanlift® brand and trademark was first registered in 1997 by its original founders with a passion for the ocean and design.

The brand has grown from strength to strength and has become globally recognised with safety and functionality at its core.

Having understood the market, the founders realised they could build davits and cranes and with a smaller footprint and reduced weight load but could hold true to the specifications required to lift marine equipment.

In April 2022 Oceanlift® was acquired by Longveld Limited, founded by Pam and Les Roa in 1992 with little more than a toolbox, a welder and some great trade skills, to provide stainless steel site installation services to the dairy sector in Australasia.

Over 30 years our team at Longveld has expanded and refined our capability, particularly in project engineering and design, to now be a leader in metal fabrication.

Our purpose is to be a team of courageous people creating remarkable things.

The quality of our engineering work is vital to the integrity of the global supply chain that delivers food from pasture to plate.

Just as remarkable is the innovation and expertise we apply to bring an artist’s vision to life in the fabrication of large-scale public art works. The addition of Oceanlift® to our stable is an exciting new direction for our team as we diversify our capability.

The values of courage, appreciation and wholeheartedness are at the core of our culture, and we are very proud of our ability to form intimate yet professional relationships with our customers, suppliers, team and community.


Our practical and innovative minds, clarity of thinking, and professionalism will confidently support our customers into the future.


We put the health and safety of our team first, and the health and safety of those who interact with our workplace.


We work hard to monitor what matters and our team’s wellbeing is central to this.