Product Information:

Product information: We design and manufacture cranes to fit various commercial and recreational applications. Our modular systems are adaptable to suit a wide range of configurations for use on land and water.

We have built and designed cranes for many environments:

  • Fixed or rotating standpipe for boat, wharf pole or concrete pad
  • Flange base in stainless steel or aluminum for dock or jetty
  • Fixed or folding boom
    Folding pedestal
  • Up to 500Kg SWL lift capacity
  • Electric or manual winches Boom reach up to 3.5M for some models
  • Telescoping boom
  • Folding pedestal
  • Cranes for docks, jetties, wharves, decks, houses and boats
  • Cranes for commercial, naval, police, harbor boards, pilot boats
  • Utility vehicles
  • Mobility impaired users
  • Mussel barges, crayfish vessels and several working boats

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